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Natural H Syncronia 3d Model BIM

The NATURAL collection , designed by Marco Williams Fagioli, combines three wellbeing rituals – the Hammam, sauna and infrared sauna – and all the benefits their heat offers in one single design.

Designed to be cosy, relaxing and the ideal complement for the sophisticated technology of EFFE steam generators, the NATURAL Hammam is clad internally in 6 mm grès porcelain, which has a pleasant textural feel.
The steam and beneficial effects it has on mind and body are central to this product.
A Nuvola steam generator is housed under the bench and is controlled using an intuitive white glass panel with backlit icons.

The colour therapy, which comes standard and is diffused by a satin-finish glass panel on one of the side walls, completes the sensory experience. A shower, which is built into the 6 cm wall, shower head with a diameter of 25 cm and hand-held shower are refreshing and toning, making the steam experience even more enjoyable. The fittings come in three different finishes - chrome, matte black and matte gunpowder grey - to complete the overall effect.

If you wish to include the Natural H hammam in your project, at the bottom of this product page, you will find technical files for 3D design including, dwg models for CAD design, 3D Sketchup and fbx models. For BIM design you can download IFC and RFA models. Finally, download and consult the Natural H product brochure for more information on the product. 

If you would like to receive design consultation or advice, you can get in touch with Effe by filling out the contact form below. 


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