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Earthic® by Silestone® XM is the new collection of surfaces developed by Cosentino in collaboration with Formafantasma (a design studio led by Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, focusing on the investigation of ecological, historical, political, and social forces shaping contemporary design). It was presented at the Fuorisalone during the Milano Design Week 2024, representing the process of transforming recycled and sustainable materials within the realm of surfaces.

The new Earthic surfaces are made from a combination of minerals and 30% recycled materials such as glass, bio-resin, PET, post-consumer, and recycled Dekton® fragments. The XM designation marks a step forward in sustainability, inaugurating with Earthic the new category of Silestone® surfaces produced with 10% crystalline silica. Cosentino is committed to sustainability, and thanks to Hybriq+® technology, the entire production cycle uses 99% recycled water and 100% renewable electric energy.

The Earthic collection is divided into two color series:

1) FFROM X Formafantasma, divided into:

-FFROM 01: a gray surface speckled with fragments of black and white recycled PET, creating an eye-catching pattern that adds depth to the composition.

-FFROM 02: modern and minimalist, the dark gray tone with elegant white speckling creates an attractive contrast.

-FFROM 03: a hypnotic background with recycled PET flakes on the surface, reminiscent of the night sky or a geological sample.

2) Earthic / RAW X Cosentino Studio:

-RAW A: the soft pattern of dark veins on a white background reveals an intricate design of natural elegance, reminiscent of refined natural stones.

-RAW D: a dark natural rock background conveys a sense of solid elegance. Random bronze streaks scattered throughout the surface intertwine in a coal-like landscape.

-RAW G: a gray concrete surface enriched with delicate touches of copper intertwined with nebulous veins, giving a sense of fluidity.

On this product page, you can download the FFROM X Formafantasma and Earthic / RAW X Cosentino Studio textures for free. Additionally, you can also download ambient images showcasing the use of the new Earthic collection slabs provided by Cosentino for Syncronia. Also, consult the dedicated catalog.

For more information or technical consultation, you can contact the Cosentino staff through the contact form below.

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