Missoni Home

Wallpaper Missoni Home 3D Models

A game of shades and limitless hues, sophisticated and conceptual, but still candid. Clouds, reliefs and twists, play elusively between gently outlined graphic signs and on tonal backgrounds. New jacquards, decorated with gleams of metallic silver and copper minerals and blended with soft pastels reflect the magical tones of dreams. Colours fade in and out of each other, diluted and morphing like a watercolour, in hues of the sunrise and sunset, blue and pink twilight and the mysterious northern lights. Powerful iconic sketches and various graphic patterns contrast with subtle tones, so blurred and shaded that they appear to be in relief. Alternating strong colours freely climb, with trompe-l’oeil effect, indistinct zigzags or rows of undulating lines. Botanical prints have a playful and light touch. Nordic fantasies or wild rosebuds grace subtle gauze and intricate decorative fabrics. On soft backgrounds, the hellebore flower, naive and essential in its structure, settles and imposes. Its form lit up by the colours of the stamens, of the outlines and the details and enhanced by shadows.