Wilmotte wash basins

Washbasins Wilmotte wash basins 3D Models

Designed by J.M. Wilmotte.


Teuco’s Wilmotte line of washbasins includes free-standing and wall-mounted models.

The washbasin comes in the following sizes (as you can see from the 3D models available for download):

60, 80, 100 x 47 cm


Teuco creates washbasin models that are full of personality.

This is the case of the Wilmotte series of washbasins, characterized by clean lines and geometric shapes, which make this model both elegant and modern.

Wilmotte washbasins blend in with any decor and look great in any contemporary bathroom.


The Wilmotte series of washbasins is a perfect example of the simplicity and geometric forms that Teuco is known for. This washbasin fits right in to its surroundings and meets all your needs for bathroom furnishing.

The modern and essential design of this model of washbasin reflects Teuco’s values of consistency and reliability. 


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