Contemporary furniture refers to furniture. Modern furniture or contemporary furniture has to be produced from the late 19th century through the present and it is influenced by modernism. 

Contemporary furniture, both for the living and for the sleeping area, revolutionizes shapes and colors of the past, creating new ways of looking at your own home. The walls are transformed into large spaces to express creativity. The walls may be painted by strong colors or enriched with contemporary art works.

The contemporary furniture style is a style in flux, constantly on the move as inspired by constant innovation and experimentation, which are projected into a present  that is already almost future.

Syncronia has a lot to do with the contemporary furniture. Among its partners you can find many important brands such as Rapsel, Nito, Teuco, Materia, Cotto d'Este, Alpi, S. Anselmo, Lualdi, Xilo1934, Poliform, Varenna, Alessi and many other brands that really represent modern furniture.