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Small pools

Mirror 620 hydrospa

Designed by Fabio LenciThe elegant Mirror 620 whirlpool has a pleasing round shape. It features a to

Kinea wash basins

Designed by Iosa GhiniThe Kinea washbasin evokes peace and serenity. It is crafted in ceramic and co

Wilmotte sanitary fixtures

Designed by J.M. Wilmotte   The Wilmotte sanitary fixtures by Teuco have been designed t

Seaside for living room

Designed by Giovanna TalocciThe unique Seaside T07 bathtub has been designed for use in the living r
Bathroom furniture

InsideOut bathroom furniture

Designed by Carlo Colombo InsideOut is a series of bathroom furniture designed by Carlo Colombo and
Equipped column

Skidoo equipped shower panel

Designed by Carlo ColomboThe column Skidoo designed and signed by Carlo Colombo offers a unique desi
Box doccia

Light shower

Designed by Fabio Lenci The Light shower unit is the very first precision-engineered made-to-order

Vasca Diva

New thub Diva signed by Carlo Colombo. Available in six different sizes, Diva is a hot soul deeply f
Shower trays

Outline shower tray

Designed by Carlo Colombo OUTLINE is a shower tray Duralight ® which is characterized by its smo

View bathtub

Designed by Fabio LenciThe View bathtub is combines shapes and translucence. The whole front of the

Bathtub Seaside for the bathroom

Design by Giovanna TalocciThe Seaside bathtub is highly versatile and features a variety of well-bei
Box doccia

Moving shower

Design by Werner Scholpp DesignThese modular sliding shower doors have been designed to adapt to any

Outline wash basins

Designed by Carlo ColomboThe Outline washbasin has a clean and balanced design that perfectly matche

Aveness bathtub

Designed by Frogdesign Corner spa bath, characterized by rounded and ergonomic shape. It offers a c


Carlo Colombo design New collection designed by Carlo Colombo , the story of a new classicism

Sorgente bathtub

Designed by Fabio LenciThe Sorgente bathtub can be used as either a regular bathtub or as a mini-poo

Feel bathtub

Designed by Giovanna TalocciThe Feel is a free-standing bathtub with an oval shape that resembles a
Small pools


Design by Nilo Gioacchini  Cheers is the Hydrospa by Teuco, that can be placed in the garden,
Equipped column

P547 equipped shower panel

Designed by Angeletti-Ruzza design Created to enhance the style and elegance of any bathroom, equip
Combined systems

385 combi units

Designed by Fabio LenciIn size 180x80 cm 385-86 combined (shower - bath) has a comfortable access th