Our history and our experience come from long ago … Terenzi S.r.l. was established in 1967 and it is the group forefather, specialized in metals and plastics processing, it is the heart of the projects and so far it has been the productive engine during all the years of our activity.

Nowadays TGroup treasures the past and looks towards the future, because innovation is embedded in its DNA.


Architectural lighting design, among the many planning and production linked subjects we deal with, is of particular importance since it was developed some years ago in a partnership with Elementi by Luceplan and it grew up in lots and lots of production experiences for as many lighting leaders. In 2009 it was extended to the manufacturing of our own lighting products: born Caoscreo, our 100% Italian brand.


Our second beloved subject is the space lived, designed and realized with coverings that create the ambiance and make it special, natural and exclusive metals that shape unique floors and claddings: this is the core business of Planium S.r.l., our second unit.


Personalized Products and Technologies

Specialized in the industrial processing of metals and plastics, Terenzi S.r.l, part of TGroup,  ...

Metal floors

Planium - Custom Projects

Everything has the flexibility that distinguishes us.  

Metal floors

Planium - MR01 radiant raised system

The MR01 radiant raised system is innovative as it is the first on the market to have a radiant h...

Metal floors

Planium - PL01 Invisible

The new loose-lay flooring system PL01 Invisible revolutionizes the traditional installation tech...

Metal floors

Planium - SE01 Compact

The raised SE01 Compact system is innovative as its structure is designed to enable a totally dry...

Metal floors

Planium - SM02 Evolution

Planium loose lay flooring system, with removable tiles and dry installation, consisting of 2 par...

Metal floors


The MG01 Magnetic Floor is an effective and fast installation system. The attractiveness of the m...

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