Mariotti Fulget



Since 1926 Mariotti Fulget has been producing high resistance cement tiles for exterior and interior use made of marble/granite for industrial and private construction projects.
The company, which is now led by the third generation, exports its products throughout the world: they are mainly used for gardens, terraces and balconies, but also for parks, city paving, supermarkets, shopping centres, hospitals, schools, airports, railway stations and other projects. Constant control, from acceptance of the raw materials to the final checking of each individual finished tile before packaging ensures excellent product quality. 



The factory covers an area of 40.000 square metres divided into production, storage of raw material and stock of goods ready to ship.
The company has a covered area of 12.000 square metres reserved for fully automated and computer controlled production lines, which grant for a productive capability of 4.000 square metres per day.
The productive and finishing plants are constantly updated to the newest and most innovating technologies conferring to Mariotti Fulget's tiles the best technical-physical characteristics together with a trendy esthetic. 



The production complies with European standards EN 1339, EN 13748-1, EN 13748-2

  • Continous factory testing.
  • CE mark according to  EN 1339. 
  • CE mark according to EN 13748-1, EN 13748-2.
  • Declarations of performance are available for all series.


Outdoor grit floors


Italy is the synonym for exquisite and intense pleasure. This series is an expression of all this...

Outdoor grit floors

Esogranito superior

It is the most valuable serie within Mariotti Fulget’s range selected.ESOGRANITO SUPERIOR is a ti...

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Marmo Cemento

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Crushed stone flooring for indoor

Marmo Resina

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Outdoor grit floors


Pixel is a design tile, but also elegant. Standard finishing:  - bevelled

Crushed stone flooring for indoor


Standard dimensions: 30x30cm

Outdoor grit floors

Snow white

Snowhite has a high solar reflectance index for roofing ( SRI = 91).It can contribute to LEED cre...