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Internoitaliano is a system for the production of designer furnishings inspired by the Italian way of living, created by Giulio Iacchetti.

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Internoitaliano is a system for the production of designer furnishings inspired by the Italian way of living, created by Giulio Iacchetti.

At the heart of Internoitaliano is a production system constituted by a network of workshops and manufacturing companies that embody the excellence in the Italian ability to create top-quality products. Internoitaliano, therefore, is truly a “fabbrica diffusa”, a factory network.

Internoitaliano objects enjoy a special status: they are happy objects, fruit of a 50/50 joint effort between the designer who designed them and the craftsman who lovingly made them.

Each object is, in itself, autonomous and versatile, able to take its place in a variety of settings as they evolve over time, little by little, affecting a household’s main rooms and garden.

The names for all of Internoitaliano’s objects are a tribute to minor Italians towns and villages, those that are rarely celebrated, but nonetheless are just as real and representative of a suffused and authentic national identity, except for a few items that were recovered from that rather large archive of “out of production” but that are still current and representative objects.

Leonardo Sonnoli and Irene Bacchi‘s visual identity project for Internoitaliano is a tale of collage.

Objects, history, quality and “Italianness” live together in a metaphysical space, absolute, white, determined only by a thin line that deliberately avoids refering to a pre-determined lifestyle.

Objects accompanied by fragments, part of our domestic landscape, in other words things that “we always see but rarely look at” as a master of Italian graphic design, Michele Provinciali, said.

The logo – two words run together but respectively upside down, so it can read in any location in space – is further testimony that underscores a decisive desire for freedom, embodied not only by the objects, but by the entire philosophy of Internoitaliano.

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Stool in solid wood assembled using simple joinery.


A square or rectangular table with removable legs made of solid beech, which can match white laminate table tops of different sizes.
Writing desk


Made in solid oak, this writing table consists of a compartment that is fixed (instead of moving like the classic drawer) on which is placed


A small, upholstered piece of furniture conceived as a tribute to the city of Milan, its shape and texture recall the concrete bollards prevalent
Decorative objects


Humidifier or vase in white ceramic of the shape of a small house. Object and function make reference to the archetype.
Living area furnishing accessories


The hanger element is the focus of the project, clearly referring to the iconography of an umbrella handle.
Sleeping area furnishing accessories


Pillowcase with precious fabric inserts handwoven in Calabria.


Ceramic flower vase. Its rounded shape is inspired by a typical Mediterranean fish, the opah.


Standard Terracotta vase, inspired by the archetypal forms of the classic garden pots.
Decorative objects


A wrought iron cross constructed by bending and forging two square-section rods, subsequently joined together with an iron strap.
Garden furnitures


A watering can made of bent sheet metal and welded adopting one of the oldest handicraft techniques used by “lo stagnini”, a traveling handyman s