Kindof stems from a creative challenge of the Mattia and Luca Ghielmi brothers: reinventing the ribbed steel rod, commonly used in reinforced concrete constructions, using a single rod to make furniture items and complements.
The original concept came to life on a beach in Camogli back in October 2014, when Luca Ghielmi, a two-generation building materials dealer, began to reflect on the characteristics of one of the products that the family company, Ghielmimport SA, had been working on since its origins: the reinforced concrete rod (or iron rod in jargon).
Luca started reflecting on the mechanical resistance of the steel that composes it and of the aesthetic peculiarity resulting from its ribbing (which improves the adhesion of concrete), two technical and stylistic aspects that make this material unique.
Giving an industrial product a new identity is not easy as the functional and aesthetic aspects need to be combined with a new, more handcrafted and caring production approach as compared to the classic process used in the building field.




Light geometry with a panel of reduced length, strong and comfortable thanks to the flexion of th...

Coffee Table

Bric 65

Small table, which can be also used as a multifunctional container. Available in different colors...

Chaises longues

Chaise Longue 34

A homage to Le Corbusier, it is ideal for resting. It allows a delicate pitching movement. Usable...



Light geometry with minimal panel, comfortable thanks to the flexion of the seat and back. Usable...

Chaises longues

Longuette 35

An original shape for reading, it sways and pitches to taste. Usable both indoors and outdoors. A...

Low tables


Light design for this versatile object, which could be used as a small table, a bookcase or a col...



A slim back on a strong, comfortable structure, for a chair to suit any environment. Usable both ...



An imposing presence, with a natural, elegant shape, Talli is well suited to any context. Comfort...

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