Essenze di Luce


Essenze di Luce produces timelessly designed natural stone lighting and sound diffusion products for outdoor use. Each product blends into any architectural context while withstanding the most adverse weather conditions. 
The Menhirs of Essenze di Luce are handcrafted and strictly handmade in Italy, respecting the uniqueness of natural stone and telling the story of stone over thousands of years. Traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation meet through the processing of marble and the industrialisation of the lighting and sound part.



Outdoor lighting

Menhir Luce Cross

Menhir Luce Cross is the new LED natural stone lighting system for outdoor use created by Essenze...

Outdoor lighting

Menhir Luce Soft

Essenze di Luce presents Menhir Luce Soft, a lighting system with LED technology made of natural ...

Outdoor lighting

Menhir Luce Sound

Menhir Sound is the omnidirectional diffusion and lighting system with technology.

Outdoor lighting


Essenze di Luce presents Stake, a natural stone liforme vertical lighting system with LED technol...

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