Young and dynamic, WallPepper® is specialized in the creation of very expressive wallpaper, to recall the oldest human need of communication through signs on a wall.

The wall has always been used as a support where tell a story and preserve memories, a surface to adorn with pictures and recollections.

The brand was developed right from the concept of the wall as a palimpsest and display of personal taste, fitting to narrate in a brand new way the trends in the interior design, with graphics and illustrations inspired by the natural world, urban contests, matters suggestions, abstract textures.

The many collections in the WallPepper® catalogue are made on the measurement of the space: for this reason they are perfect to value every location and transform the horizontal surface in a unrepeatable and deep tale.

WallPepper® impresses a world in a thin roll of paper: two-dimensional or three-dimensional, natural or artificial, imaginary or timeless. But, first of all, the WallPepper® world is sustainable, each product is made only by eco-friendly certificated materials, essential characteristic for our future.


Interior wallpaper


Leaves' texture, canopy's weft, views of landscapes and every little being who live there is accu...

Interior wallpaper


Kronos plays with the art history, the graphics represent real places (in collaboration with Arch...

Interior wallpaper


Oriental’s atmosphere with its age-old culture and history, is told on WallPepper® material throu...

Interior wallpaper


Naive Collection by WallPepper® joints the most colourful, cartoon, happy and cheerful graphics f...

Interior wallpaper


Delicate pastel shades, soft abstract textures, romantic flowers arrangement and watercolor place...

Interior wallpaper


Our ideas and suggestions are too many to be collected in the pages of a catalog, which is why Wa...



The graphics are modern as the image type, style or color and the wall is the tool to make a spac...

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