Reception at the Greenhouse in Park Ensemble "Maryino"

It's zone has dual functionality: the instructor services and the hire of the sport inventory and the reception of Greenhouse as a exhibition of exotic plants. You can read more about restoration and reconstruction of the Park Ensemble "Maryino" in my previous publications: "Interior design of Lux apartments of the Bariatinsky Palace (reconstruction of historical interiors adapted for the current use)", "Interior design of Lux apartments of the Bariatinsky Palace (Modern Vision of interiors)", "Small architectural forms of The Palace Park Ensemble "Maryino" of Prince Bariatinsky","Daylight Images of the Lutheran Kirche of the Park Ensemble "Maryino" and so on: Design, reconstruction and restoration works were carried out by PROF PROJECT which includes the architectural department and the planning-and-design office under the head of Solovieva A.V. as a project manager and an architect: From the begining of XXI century Palace Park Ensemble "Maryino" is a sanatorium (Property Management Department of President of Russian Federation). The Federal state budgetary institution "The sanatorium Maryino" is under the supervision of the Property Management Department of President of Russian Federation and a capital construction object in accordance with Presidential Decree 541, issued on October 29, 2015.

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