Oil on canvas THE BODY OF THE EMPTY SPACE The Empty Space has a shape. The Empty Space is a shape. The Empty Space is the Mother of all shapes, as it creates not only the Empty Space but also the full space. The Empty Space is not an absence of full space, is not an absence of value, is not an absence of identity: is not the nothing. The nothing does not exist. The Empty Space exsist, it is everywhere, it surrounds us, it follows us, it is eternal and infinite. The first act that makes us conscious of the presence of the Empty Space is to take an object and, by shifting it, to reveal the Empty Space that takes its place. Digging out is the moment when we become conscious of the value of the Empty Space: freeing the space from the matter, we reveal it, we give it a dimension and, on top of it we reveal its three dimension at the same time, we give it an identity and, thus, a value. The space is therefore revealed, it is not a result among bodies, but it is a true subject: the subject of experience. The Empty Space has got a fourth dimension: time. The Empty Space changes continuously, modifies its dimensions in that costant and unstoppable osmotic process that brings it to a continuous dilatation and contraction, to invade and pervade of itself the all reality. The Empty Space has a living body. This body can be experienced and known totally. It does not reveal just one single side at a time. We can go through this body, we can own it with our gaze from the inside, not from the outside.We are in a continuous ìcomunionî with it. We own it from a physical point of view and we are owned by it at the same time. We can not purchase it or sell it. It figures out by itself. It is not the icon of any power or value. Simply it exsists and us with it. Davide Pizzigoni