Since the 50’s the Merati brand has been active in the sector of home decoration and since June 2012 it has been joined to The Alpa Group. In the early 80’s with the changes in consumer tastes and habits with respect to the bathroom space, the company began specializing in the production of systems designed for the wash basin area. Merati has demonstrated over the years, how the continuous research and planning have been important in the product’s development. Thanks to this philosophy, Merati has always reinterpreted over the years the bathroom space in a consistently innovative manner, reacting to the swift changes in tastes and demands on this important domestic area. In the late 80’s early 90’s and 2000, Merati winning awards, it has benn rank between the leader brands of the sector. In 2001 ADI made the Oscar (by Ayse Birsel) an “OFFICIAL SELECTION OF THE XIX GOLDEN COMPASS AWARD” and in the USA, it won the “ID DESIGN AWARD”. In 2004 the Risma accessories line (by Theo Williams) was again “OFFICIAL SELECTION OF THE XX GOLDEN COMPASS AWARD”. In the same year, the series of accessories was nominated “DESIGN OF THE YEAR 2004” by the prominent English periodical WALLAPER.