Carl Linnaeus Practical, ergonomic and useful "LapTop Desk" from year 1741 has been reinvented in his hometown of Uppsala – Sweden and then exposed in Sweden at Swedish Tourist Offices, Libraries and Museums - since Linnaeus Anniversary Year in year 2007. Linnaeus LapTop Desk is probably the world's first All-In-One workstation. With 1000 years of product development. A proven "horse" with saddel, that is. Linnaeus LapTop Desk has everything you need and additionally with an ergonomic design that attracts attention. Here you sit comfortably on a "horse saddle" and is working on a smaller table space that can be expanded. We offer You free building instructions with an entirely new concept for the modern and flexible IT workplace. You build it yourself or let a carpenter do that for You. We offer You a fullscaleprint in scale 1:1 from Updated, tested and adapted to today's demands for ergonomic computer furniture in a modern IT environment. We also know that Carl von Linné can be the basis for the brand name “Linnaeus of Sweden”. Application for the World Heritage List of The scientist Carl Linnaeus will soon be submitted to UNESCO. In fact, application mentions the “Lecture Chair” in the description of Linnaeus' Hammarby in Sweden.