Custom project for the Museo del Novecento of Firenze

Historic buildings revisited by new contemporary architectural designs, old materials such as metals, processed and used in an innovative way by Planium S.r.l, part of TGroup. This is the core of our prestigious installations, that have followed one another in many places. Planium flooring series PL01 Invisible and coatings, furniture and custom creations (exhibition panels, totems and Laser cut) with pre-production feasibility study all made by the Co. TGroup, have been realized for the Museo del Novecento, palace of the 12th, located in the monumental complex of The Leopoldine Schools in Piazza Santa Maria Novella in Florence. Covering an area of over 1,000 square meters divided into 15 rooms, our Calamina steel characterizes the environment, creating a continuum along the exhibition and providing a dark "deep" background, on which the 300 works of the important museum collection stand out. Management - Servizio Belle Arti del Comune di Firenze Project - Studio Avatar

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