Banqueting Halls of The Palace Park Ensemble "Maryino" of Prince Bariatinsky

Banqueting Halls of The Palace Park Ensemble "Maryino" of Prince Bariatinsky
The previos articles was dedicated to restoration of interior design and their decoration for high-grade hotel apartments and public zones of The Palace Park Ensemble "Maryino" of Prince Bariatinsky, Kursk region. Design, reconstruction and restoration works were carried out by PROF PROJECT which included the architectural department and the planning-and-design office under the head of Solovieva A.V. as a project manager and an architect. We preserved historical architectural environment which includes antique mouldings and plaster, corinthian columns, doorways, composite cornices, and lock plates for doors, architraves, old oak parquette and beautiful swing doors. We obliged to preserve authentic chandeliers and sconces. This article concerns contemporary classical vision of interiors of Banqueting halls (Green and Rose) of the Bariatinsky Palace. Antique elements combine with luxury contemporary classical furniture and decoration.

Lunedì, Giugno 19, 2017 - 19:08

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