Landscape design by Edgar Hakobyan

Landscape design by Edgar Hakobyan
“Ocean Melody” extends over the entire Site C. It is divided into two residential zones, A and B, on the left and the right side respectively. The low-rise white houses surrounded by trees create a bohemian atmosphere and an escape from fast-paced cities. Zone C represents a pedestrian area/walkway leading to the pier extension over the water. The entertainment and shopping centre in Zone D offers a wide range of pastime options for visitors, including a cinema, cafés and stores, where they can try local food and taste the famous Yellow Wine. There are three hotels in the area, two of which are located in Zone C, and one in Zone D. The hotel in Zone D, overlooking the coastline, is within walking distance from the shopping centre. It has a restaurant offering traditional food and a tea shop where tourists can explore the intricacies of Wujiang tea custom. Zone E comprises a vast eco- park/forest for visitors who enjoy being close to nature. Site C is connected to the surrounding areas by roads and highways, which are marked with black in the plan. All the buildings, excluding the houses, are concrete constructions with glass facade and of alucobond.

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