2nd December 2019

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc: its coloring is not always uniform, on the contrary: although it is generally endowed with all the characteristics of golden red, it actually has fascinating notes of green; Planium wants to offer it, as usual, in three different processes. Through brushing, brass retains the classic character that distinguishes it in its minimal nature; the satin finish allows the metal a greater opacity yield and allows it to be defined in an intermediate stage of processing between the brushing and the canvas, also obtained through a satin finish which is however more marked.   

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More than the cold steel that for decades has made a clean sweep in the design and furnishing sector, brass offers the perception of a "warm" decoration. Today, design wanted to reward a "flashback" of this element that went out of fashion for most of the '900s, especially in the 1930s, and then gradually disappeared until it reappeared. In addition to the wall lamps, it is enough to recall in this sense the historic "ministerial" Emeralite lamp, also known as the Churchill lamp, patented in 1909, mass-produced in the thirty-year period 1909-1939, a classic up to the 1960s, relegated mainly to institutional desks, recently returned in vogue. In the original model the stem and base are made of brass, the lampshade is made of glass.

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Simona Bardelli 

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