3D Modeling indicates the process which defines any three-dimensional shape or surface in a virtual space generated on the computer. The products, called 3D models, are realized using special software programs, called 3D modelers, or more in general 3D software.

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The history of 3D modeling computer graphics is quite recently as the term computer graphics was founded only in 1960. One of the first representations of three-dimensional computer was that of the famous "first man" or "Boeing Man" created by William Fetter, a set of lines describing the shape of a virtual airline pilot.

Starting from 1959, General Motors, in collaboration with IBM, developed the system "DAC" , one of the first CAD systems of history through a stylus and a touch screen, operators of mathematical curves sketched sections and surfaces of cars in a virtual space.
The first half of the 60s' also saw the system called "Adage", considered by many to be the first independent CAD workstation.

From the above it is clear that the birth of 3D modeling occurred in the industrial sector firs, as a design support. Since then, the fields of application of 3D modelingand three-dimensional graphics have expanded greatly.