Privacy information

We inform you about how we'll deal your personal data once you'll subscribe to our forms or simply surf our website. This website is owned by Syncronia SRL, Via morozzo della rocca 8, 20123 Milan, email:, which is also responsible for the treatment of personal data. We wish to inform you that we conformed our rules to Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30th, 2003 (about protection of personal data). According to the above mentioned regulation, the principles of this data-treatment will be correctness, lawfulness and clarity as well as the safeguarding of your privacy and your rights.

Under the terms of Article 13 of Legislative Decree No.196/2003, therefore, we would like to provide you with the following information:


1. Policy


We respect your right to be informed regarding the gathering and treatment of your personal data.
We collect information in a way that reduces inquiries as much as possible and is finalized to meet your requirements.
Our website has been configured to reduce the use of your personal data to a minimum and we avoid the treatment of your data when, in individual cases, fulfilling requests with anonymous data is possible (for example, market research aimed to improve the service offered or through other means that allow to identify the user only because of necessity or because it is required by law (as in the data concerning internet traffic, the time spent on our website or you IP address).
The decisions regarding the purposes, methods of treatment of your personal data and the tools used, as well as security, are under the responsibility of Syncronia SRL, as it is in charge of the treatment of its users' personal data.
This privacy statement provides you with any information that can help you understand how we collect and use the data that can identify our users. If you have any other questions on our privacy statement, please send your inquiries to our email address:


2. Ownership


Syncronia SRL is responsible for the treatment of the users' personal data. The company decides autonomously on the purpose and method of the treatment, always in compliance with the law, including security.
Because of organizational and functional demands, we have hired collaborators in charge of the treatment of users' data, because of purposes related to the services offered.
These collaborators have been put in charge because they demonstrated to be experienced, reliable and are able to offer a suitable guarantee of the full respect of the law regarding treatment and files security.
The persons in charge will treat the users' personal data in compliance with the company instructions.
We periodically check out that our employees fulfill their duties in accordance to the policies of personal data protection.

Your personal information can be shared with our partner Autodesk.


3. Purposes


3.1 Your personal data are collected and treated by Syncronia SRL. for purposes related to the use of the website and its services with information also gained by third-party advertisers.
Your personal data can also be used for other operations but always for these purposes.
In particular, your personal data can be treated for the following purposes: for registration processes (for example, your personal data, your address, your password and user ID, your email address) with the registration form so as to recieve our free newsletters. Those newsletters will be of two kinds with different purposes:
a) Newsletters informing and promoting about services, news and publishing products of Syncronia. Those newsletters might contain ads.
b) email blast sent by Syncronia promoting the products/services of our customers
We’ll also might make use of your personal data in order to provide you clearance to reserved areas and functions of our website:
- to provide you with assistance
- to manage your public professional area on the website
- to get you in touch with the partners of Syncronia from which you can - by your consent - receive news and materials
- To answer your requirements as, for example, requests of catalogues, informative materials or product samples provided also by the partners of Syncronia.
The term “Syncronia promotion” we include companies partly owned by Syncronia as well.

3.2 Partners of Syncronia
When you request or download materials of a Partner as, for example, 3D models, catalogues or product samples and you give you consent to receive updates and news from the Partner, the purpose of the treatment of your personal data is extended to the promotions of that Company products and Autodesk, technical partner of the Syncronia. Some of the services that can be requested through SYNCRONIA such as – for example - requesting samples or catalogues are provided directly by our Partner Companies, and in these cases, the consent to the processing of your personal data by SYNCRONIA partners becomes indispensable. Authorizing Partner Company the treatment of your data constitutes your acceptance to receive: (d) promotional and informational communications, including commercial content, newsletters, advertising material and/or offers of goods and services via post office, internet, telephone, E-mail, SMS, MMS, from Italy or abroad (including countries outside the European Union) by the Company; (e) promotional and informational communications, including commercial content, newsletters, advertising material and/or offers of goods and services via post office, internet, telephone, E-mail, SMS, MMS, from Italy or abroad (including countries outside the European Union) by holding companies, subsidiaries and/or affiliates of Partner Companies, as well as by entities contractually bound to it (including any distributors).
3.3 Data storage
Your personal data is treated mainly in an electronic format and, in certain circumstances, also in paper format. Your personal data will be stored in a format that allows to identify you for the period of time necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the data has been collected and then treated, always within the law. To guarantee that your personal data is always up to date, accurate and complete we ask you to please notify us whenever it is modified at Your personal data will not be communicated to third parties for purposes that violate the law or without your consent.
Furthermore, your personal data can be communicated to the police or other authorities in compliance with the law and upon recieving a formal request from any governmental body, as for example anti-fraud services.
Your personal data will also be available to those in charge of the treatment, as stated in par. 2 and for the specific purposes discussed in the same paragraph. In all these cases your consent is not necessary.
Your personal data will be communicated to the public only with your consent and only regarding the supply of the services offered by our website.
We would like to inform you that Syncronia SRL. treats the personal data of its users only for purposes related to the services offered and to notify you about commercial ventures tied to the activities and services offered on the website. Syncronia SRL treats your personal data for direct marketing purposes, even by email, only with your consent.


4. What happens if you do not supply Syncronia with your personal data


The communication of your data to Syncronia and, in particular, of your personal data, your email address, your mail address and your phone number, is necessary to gain access to the free services offered by the website or for the provision of other services offered by the website on your request or when your personal data is necessary to the fulfillment of obligation deriving from current regulations.
In the eventuality of refusal to communicate some of the data necessary to these purposes, that could result in the impossibility to offer the requested services, as for example sending you communications, news on any event or paper material, publishing your professional area on the website, sending material you requested, providing assistance, fulfilling the obligations stated by the law.
Failing to communicate the data could be, depending on the case, a justified reason for Syncronia SRL to suspend or not provide the services you requested.

The communication of data that is not strictly necessary is, instead, optional and does not result in any consequence regarding the use of the website.
Depending on the circumstances, and if necessary, we will notify you if the communication of personal data is mandatory or not. We will highlight this with the use of an appropriate character (*) that marks the mandatory information necessary to obtain the services offered on our website. We remind you that failure to submit optional data will not result in any obligations or disadvantages.


5. Sharing of your personal information


Your personal data can be communicated to third parties that treat the data in an autonomous way only to provide services on our website as described in paragraph 3 and only when these purposes are not incompatible with the other purposes for which your data has been collected and treated, always in compliance with the law. Your data will not be communicated or disclosed to third parties without your consent when required by law. Your personal data can be disclosed to the partners of Syncronia only upon receiving your consent. We inform you that, however, we will not communicate your email address but that we will make possible to directly contact you only for limited periods of time.

6. How we collect your data

When using our website, it may happen that some personal data might be collected autonomously (cookies), as for example your IP address and other information regarding the time you spend on the website and your preferences regarding the services offered.
These informations are collected directly and autonomously by the website as part of its own functions.


7. Security


We have taken precautions to reduce the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, of the data, of non-authorized access and of treatment that breaches the law or it's not in keeping with the purposes of this privacy statement.
However, Syncronia SRL can't guarantee to its users that the security measures on our website and those regarding the transmission of data and informations exclude all risks of non authorised access or data leaks.
We advise you to make sure that your computer is protected by an antivirus and that your web provider has used suitable security measures regarding data transmission on the internet.


8. Your right to access personal data and other rights - Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 Art.7 - Right to access personal data and other rights


You always have the right to obtain from Syncronia SRL confirmation of the existence or personal data concerning you, and you have the right to request from Syncronia SRL about the origin of the personal data; the purposes and the methods of the treatment; the logic applied in the case of treatment carried out with the aid of electronic instruments; the identification details of the owner, the people responsible; the people or categories of people to whom the data may becommunicated or who may become aware of it as in charge of the treatment.
You are always entitled to obtain:
a) updates or corrections of the data or, additions to the data;
b) cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or blocking of
data treated in breach of the law, including the data which does not need to be kept for the purposes for which the data has been collected or subsequently treated;
c) a declaration that the operations referred to a) and b) have been brought to the notice, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data has been communicated or broadcast, except in the case where compliance with this is found to be impossible or involves the use of means that are manifestly out of proportion compared with the right being safeguarded.
You are in any case awlays entitled to oppose, entirely or in part:
a) for legitimate reasons, to the treatment of personal data regarding you, even though data collection may be pertinent;
b) to the treatment of personal data regarding you for the purposes of sending publicity or direct sales material or for carrying out market or commercial advertising research.
You can freely and always exercise your rights, as long as the law permits it, by sending your requests to the email address to which we will respond appropriately.


9. Contacts


If you have a query on how your personal information is collected or used, please contact us at to know your rights and be always updated regarding the privacy statement.
We also advise you to visit to be aware of any changes to the laws concerning the treatment of personal data.


10. Applicable Law


This statement is regulated by italian law and in particular by the Code relating to the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30th, 2003) that regulates the treatment of personal data - even abroad - made by anyone that resides or has a base in Italy.
The code guarantees that the treatment of personal data will be performed in compliance with rights, foundamental rights and with the dignity of the person concerned, with particular care paid to confidentiality, to personal identity and to the right of protection of personal data.