"A frame", a temporary church after the earthquake

"A frame", a temporary church after the earthquake


The Paper Cathedral has been inaugurated, the church made of cardboard and designed in Christchurch, New Zealand. Cattedrale di Cartone

The designer is Shigeru Ban, Japanese, known worldwide and called "the paper architect". He is famous for his innovative projects, made with cardboard tubes that become pillars, beams, wall. Houses, museums, lightweight and sustainable buildings, strong and durable collection. When he plans design, he works with natural glues, recycled paper around aluminum tubes; once dried, the paper slips off pipe and columns are treated with wax to be waterproofed. Ecofriendly design style, and fast too.

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A new way of designing, increasingly sought emergency areas. Ban has made economic and rapid housing for earthquake victims in Kobe. Almost twenty years later, the Japanese architect has designed in New Zealand, a cardboard temporary church, replacing the damaged safe.

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