12th September 2019

The creative soul of Planium combines constant attention to quality, aesthetics and design with an attitude for experimenting with new codes and styles, innovative expressive languages ​​derived from a ductile, natural and versatile material, such as metal.

Today, in living spaces, with a retro and minimal aesthetics, the patterns for floors, walls, fabrics and the design of furnishing and lighting complements create new geometries.

Triangles, hexagons, diamonds, rectangles, squares are drawn on the surfaces, thanks to the combination of different colors and materials. The tops are emptied, leaving space for profiles with minimalist taste, for graphics, for optical designs.

We find the geometric trend also in Planium coverings and floors, where infinite modular compositions can be obtained with modular tiles. The same space can thus originate unique scenarios, changing according to the use and the desired aesthetic result. This gives rise to solutions rich in personality, definition and distinction.

Thanks to the clever combination of sizes and cuts, colors and textures, it is possible to create walls or floors of great visual impact, or to emphasize delimited areas, highlighted by geometric decoration. Traditional or reminiscent combinations of retro or more modern, contemporary aesthetics are born; essential and sober solutions or, on the contrary, with lively movement effects. We use different metals with distinct shades to create bright and strong contrasts or the same tone-on-tone material, but with different textures to obtain soft and subtle nuances.

Our color palette ranges from the silvery tones of steel, to the warm ones, gilded in brass and bronze, to the red notes of copper, to the dark and unique nuances of the calamine, up to the brown or anthracite shades of oxidized steels. Our textures space creating smooth or raised, natural, brushed, satinized or even oxidized surfaces.

However, the result is the same, harmonized, balanced and with a strong identity.

Geometrie 03
Geometrie 02
Geometrie 01

Edoardo Croci

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