9th October 2019

Attention to nature and the conscious use of resources are important issues for Torterolo & Re and are carried out in all phases of the production process starting from the raw material, wood.  Since years  the company gives great attention in selecting the best materials to produce security doors, to ensure high quality, reliability and durability.

Production of wooden panels for Torterolo & Re security doors begins with choice of woods from controlled reforestation areas, in order to respect the ecological balance of the forest and related protection and expansion.

Using  reforestation wood  protects the natural development of forests by keeping them healthy and clean. Just think that the average life of a tree goes from 80 to 120 years and when it reaches maturity, the tree needs to be cut to plant a new one, this is a necessary process to safeguard the future of the forest, without which the ecosystem would suffer .

The solid wood panels are the most valuable of the Torterolo & Re range : their good look derives from the accuracy of the workmanship and the uniqueness of each element, both with classic and modern designs. A solid wood panel is solid , precious, beautiful to see and to live. The noblest essences, interpreted with skill and refinement, express elegance and character.


Torterolo & Re ecological commitment is not limited to wood. The company  is 100% Italian and uses non-toxic water painting to produce its security doors: an economically demanding choice which guarantees a drastic reduction of harmful emissions in the environment, extreme safety for operators, guarantee of non-toxicity for the consumer, recovery and reintegration of paint residues. The ecological commitment is constant.

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Simona Bardelli

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