Autodesk Revit® is a comprehensive solution for Building Information Modeling (BIM) with features for architectural design, construction, structural engineering and MEP.

Revit Libraries are databases of Revit families, projects, materials, etc… When we speak about Revit libraries or Revit libraries download, we think about Revit families.


The Revit user interface allows you to manage the whole buildings or assemblies (in the project mode) or individual 3D models (in the family editor mode). Modelling tools can be used with pre-made solid Revit libraries or imported families. Anyway, Revit is not a NURBS modeller and also doesn’t have ability to manage model’s individual shapes except on some specific object types such as slabs, roofs and terrain or in the massing environment.


There are three types of libraries:

- System Revit libraries are pre-made by Autodesk and customization is limited
- Loadable Revit libraries/Components/Families can be built from scratch
- In-Place libraries which are like loadable families, but cannot be saved out of the project in which they are made.


An advanced Revit libraries user can create realistic and accurate libraries ranging from furnishing  to doors and windows, and also import existing libraries from other software. Revit libraries can be designed as parametric families with dimensions and other properties. This allows you to modify a given libraries by updating predefined parameters such as  widthheight or number when used array. This way a library defines a shape which is defined by parameters, each combination of parameters can be saved as a family type, and each instance of a type can also contain other variations. For example, a swing window is a Family. It has types defining different dimensions, and the actual building model has instances of the types placed in walls where parameters based on instances can define the window hardware uniquely for each occurrence of the window.


Revit libraries can have complex internal structure and many decisions need to be taken in order to create them or use properly. Big experience around creating Revit libraries needs to be developed before the creation. It is useful to gather some experience building the Revit libraries manually.


Revit libraries are always based on a template file, if created from scratch, or on a loaded library, which is enhanced in some way. No matter what library is created, the first step is to decide what template or library you want to begin with.


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