Donovaly chalet

Donovaly chalet
Name of project: chalet in Donovaly Ski resort, Slovak republic. Studio: Neopolis Material: oiled oak, natural cut stone A bedroom is a room where we spend almost a third of each day. That is why its furnishings should meet specific needs of every individual so they can relax properly and gather strength for the following day. Quality materials and furniture are therefore the main characteristics of a modern bedroom. Bathroom design is always a matter of taste and a sort of good designing habits. Modern bathrooms are very often minimalist with smooth surfaces. This however does not mean that they must be be cold and impersonal. Essential here are the materials and light – wood, glass, metal and ceramics should be combined in the right proportions. With the right lighting and accessories, any bathroom can be turned into an oasis of peace.

Lunedì, Febbraio 10, 2014 - 12:23

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