Villa Castagnara - Savoiroux

Villa Castagnara - Savoiroux
The stately property proudly stands in a hilly landscape not far from Lake Maggiore’s shore. The villa had been neglected for years and was in fairly derelict shape. Moreover it was tainted by badly blended additions made over the years, incorporating very different shapes and styles, from a 1600’s chapel to an early 1900’s turret. Our approach had to be radical and involved a full demolition of the remaining structure, including all floors, but preserving the shell walls. Apart from the chapel, we chose to take inspiration from late XIX century decorative style, when the main portion of the building was erected. Dating from the same period are the nearby carriage house and stable, that we transformed into a guest-house and a porter’s house.

Giovedì, Gennaio 29, 2015 - 15:57

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