Nature Side

Nature Side
Design: Greta Berlin (VenyGret Studio) Visualization: Andrew Ivanov The project made the list of best 30 (of 300 total) on Alter Ego Art Battle, Berlin. The full project --> The main idea is to achieve a light and bright effect through mobile methods and minimal costs, and visually expand the geometry of space. There are no additional doors or partitions: storage spaces draped with hand dyed fabrics. Seats in the living room are mobile and its configuration along with consoles made of logs can be changed depending on the situation. The effect of additional space plays the mural on one of the walls in the living area and the mirrored wall in the bedroom. The wall- and ceiling decoration could be completely handmade (paints and markers). This gives the freedom of fantasy and opportunities for further decoration. The geometry on the floor is done by the use of different materials. All the furniture and some decoration ware made of natural eco-friendly materials and could be made by hands. The apartment is for modern, free-spirited people who are not afraid of bright colors and original solutions. For those who like to make home parties: the living room completed with a disco ball, and the projector instead of TV. Original, bold, economical, fast, easy, natural.

Mercoledì, Novembre 23, 2016 - 14:49

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