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Bharti Airtel

The vision of ‘One Airtel’witnessed 19 Airtel offices across the city of Gurugram consolidated to a single location to house nearly 4000 people in the One Airtel Centre. To increase business synergies and provide a world-class work environment to the Bharti-Airtel employees, the key drivers for the design of the space were the 4 DNAs of Bharti-Airtel; Think Fresh, Can Do, On My Side and In Touch.


Airtel has complied ‘The Airtel Workplace Guidelines’ for everyone involved in the planning, designing and construction of new Airtel offices to serve as a tool to provide detailed information on what they expect to achieve in each new location.Bharti-Airtel’s corporate real estate team with its partner NCUBE (Formerly known as NELSON), created a Workplace Environment program to reshape the existing portfolio. Employee satisfaction and productivity is an integral component of Bharti-Airtel’s corporate vision. The Airtel Center in Gurugram acted as a pilot project with a focus to provide occupancy savings for the shareholders, increase associate satisfaction with a better work environment and offer a superior return on investment through workplace standardization.


Creating a world-class facility aligned with international guidelines, an equitable office space was conceived with similar workstations for all employees. This was coupled with open and closed collaboration areas and facilities such as quiet rooms and employee hub areas. Care was taken to create an open office space with maximum access to natural light for all employees. Defining the entry and exit points, primary and secondary circulation paths, break areas and shared facilities and modulating the workstations and cabin requirements were the key planning steps for the interior architecture of the space for NCUBE Design. Both the interior and exterior of the building sport the brand colors. The diffused colorful LED Lighting of the building makes forspot-on brand association.


Focusing on creating an open work environment that allows for maximum synergies between employees, the workspace has been designed in a standard module based on multiples of 3. Majority of the employees have been provided with a 6 x 6 workstation with maximum access to natural light. Each workplace has a uniform look and feel. The design has resulted in optimum utilization of the space, increase in power efficiency and uniform access to collaborative workspaces. Meeting spaces are designed to encourage conversations, collaborations and productivity whilst inducing creativity.Employee hub areas has break rooms on each floor thatare designed both for personal breaks and informal meetings.


An art mural spreads over five floors and towers over 60 feet. Manav Gupta, an internationally acclaimed painter, poet and performance artist was entrusted with creating a contemporary work of art “Tree of life”. He was supported by around 3500 Airtel employees to create this mega masterpiece. The artwork is an interpretation of the desire to create and identify with ‘Multi-dimensional energy & Innovation’, a theme that resonates with the Airtel brand.


The Airtel cafeteria is a communal hub for all employees with a food court offering fresh multi-ethnic cuisines and beverages. Concierge services supporting the busy employees helps in the requisite work-life balance for them.A gymnasium and spa, ATM, a salon, a day care center, a pharmacy and a wellness centre is proposed for the future with a goal to provide the best amenities to all the employees of Bharti Airtel. 


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