Inslvis GOLF, wall mounted coat hook

Inslvis GOLF, wall mounted coat hook
GOLF is a wall mounted coat hook characterized by a real golf ball. As a sporting ready made object, this item, specifically destined to a young public, conveys a strong emotional charge. Anyway , it is appreciated by a wide and heterogeneous public, both in terms of age range and cultural rank. A truncated cone shaped stainless steel support allows the attachment to every type of wall. The quality of production and materials interprets the image of refined distinction peculiar of golf. In order to improve its performing qualities, from now on the coat hook (GOLF + model) is equipped with a stainless steel additional hook. Meeting between sport and design is an intellectual convergence inclined to define the forms of the sport technological objects in the best possible aesthetical conformation. In creating objects suitable to the contemporary way of living, design can take inspiration from the most intriguing objects, among whom, always more intensely, the objects of the sporting practice. Notably, between a coat hook and a baseball or golf ball there are different functional purposes, but similar are the sense of the contemporaneity, the stylistic freshness and a tone of the matter so much different from that of the classical materials as wood or marble. Like that, baseball and golf can be interpreted as emblematic expressions of the state of being contemporary, moments of a open, dynamic, able of strong emotions man.

Giovedì, Dicembre 5, 2013 - 07:41

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