ICONS Cafe, stand design THE CONCEPT ICONS + cafe + couture + tirqoise + remarkable The general concept derived from these input motives. Space and the morphology of the stand needed to correspond with these motives in a way that they appear as one. The curved lines were introduced in order to interconnect something that is iconic but also uid and light. THE MORPHOLOGY We wanted to soften the angle and to make the stand less agressive as a form in space. It is also more accessible to the users. AMBIENT The stand needed to have its own background (stage) so me made small ambient in wich the stand is going to be placed. We le the original ceeling hight and painted it black, as well as the back wall of the stand. MATERIALS Are a combination of high polish and matte finish in MDF or dry wall. Floor is covered in large tiles with unfinished concrete appereance. LIGHTNING We introduced several lightning types. General, with recesed lightning, suspended lightning above stand, stage lightning toward the back wall and hidden lightning

Venerdì, Agosto 29, 2014 - 22:25

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