Valpolicella valley is a geographic landmark. mainly characterized by Fumane, Marano and Negrar valley and by the plan along Adige. It is surrounded by the mountain landscape of mount Pastello and Pastelletto. Passing trough san Vito route we encounter the scenographic entrance of valpolicella valley. This scenary in which vineyards compose unique and important forms. The project try to propose again this unique layout by the means of his rooftop. The laminated wood curved roof, in harmony with the landscape, is part of the beautiful grapevine rows scenery. This solution is simple, minimal but it has a strong effect and visual memory. New functions are protected by this uniform wooden rooftop: overlapping new boxes made by x-lam and covered by anthracite coloured micaceous iron. On the south elevation it can be perceived those boxes overlapping each other that create an interesting pattern. This façade contains the main entrance. On the east part, protected by the roof is hidden a garden where workers find a relaxing place where visitors taste wine outside under the shade of the roof. Inside the building functions and visitors path are signed clearly. The visitors space are flexible and multipurpose.

Giovedì, Ottobre 2, 2014 - 15:53

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