The two principal volumes of the museum each have a symbol. The first one has a curvilinear line as a departure point which the artist uses as inspiration and transforms the emotions which surround him into a work of art. The second volume, considered as a "sheet of paper", on which the hanging gardens will be built represents a "sketchbook" on which initial studies will be etched. For this reason the "sheet of paper" loses its original shape and is folded around itself, entering into conflict with the first curved building without losing its structural characteristics and dynamic shape. The design of photovoltaic panels combined with the study of sections of walls composed of different materials which respect the principles of sustainable and eco-friendly production together with under floor heating and a correct orientation of the buildings enables the construction of low energy consumption buildings The project for the design of the new museum was not only an opportunity to design a sustainable eco-friendly building with functional areas for the display of artistic exhibits but also one that impacts the urban space and contributes to its redevelopment. Its geometric spaces have been influenced by the historic buildings of the area. The new museum is a “sculpture” which represents a dynamic departure point for the artists ‘s works. The new museum wants to respect the surrounding area of green spaces and also host both horizontal and vertical hanging gardens to replace those trees and green areas that will necessarily be lost where the new building will be placed. It will also become a cultural meeting place for people of different backgrounds. The small museum with its contemporary shape wants to stimulate the progress which at present has come to a stop.

Mercoledì, Luglio 18, 2012 - 07:07

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