House BR - Paulo Lucas, Arch

House BR - Paulo Lucas, Arch
In terms of volume and because of the constraints offered by the terrain, either by its size or by its shape, compelled us to be more careful in the implementation of the house, in particular in its relation to the surroundings, seeking a spatial and visual continuity between the inner house, the environment and outdoor spaces now proposed. In this sense, we located the social and service spaces on the ground floor, connected either with the view to the West or to the central courtyard proposed, and the top floor, more private, integrating the family rooms , which sought primarily to sun exposure and overlooking the sea. In this context, and given the very solar orientation, sought to define two distinct zones in terms of views and exposure. On the one hand an area that relates to the West with the view and the other an area more facing south in search of warmth and sunshine, thus achieving a recreation area next to the living room and garden more enjoyable. Thus, housing turns his back on the east, projecting visually for the view to the west, and south to the courtyard, being much more permeable seeking greater relationship between exterior and interior

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