Paulo Lucas

SPL - Arquitectos



SPL-Arquitectos is a Portuguese-based office founded in 2008 that operates in the areas of architecture, urban planning and engineering, which has a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and designers, who seek to respond to the challenges of contemporary life.


Portofino Restaurant, SPL Arquitectos

The design was intended to be the dematerialization of the building to the person who observes from the beach, creating open plans and glazing to the east, leaving the spaces most closed ...

House CG - Paulo Lucas, Arq.

This proposal seeks primarily to establish a coherent relationship with the place. In this specific project, the location of insertion came a key factor in its development mainly by the f...

House BR - Paulo Lucas, Arch

In terms of volume and because of the constraints offered by the terrain, either by its size or by its shape, compelled us to be more careful in the implementation of the house, in partic...

House AV

House AS

PROJECT DESCRIPTION This proposal arises from the interpretation of the various factors that determine the way of inhabiting both the place and surroundings, whether by the needs and des...

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