Tourist buildings -Magic box

Tourist buildings -Magic box
Holiday house -6 apartments with swimming pool. TOBIS-ENGINEERING is a team of licensed architects, licensed civil construction engineers, bachelors of civil engineering and architecture, landscape architecture graduate engineers and architects and licensed court expert in construction. This team cooperates with a large number of associates which covers all the needs of investors. Architecture firm TOBIS-ENGINEERING LLC was founded in 1994 in Zadar and is practicing constantly ever since. Our office operates in two locations- in Zadar and Zagreb. Our main activities are: designing family houses, residential, commercial, tourist, industrial, public and social buildings legalization of buildings apportioning (dividing) condominium units interior design and landscaping project design engineering such as connections to public roads and highway projects supervision of experts preparing reports of the supervising engineer obtaining all necessary permits for the construction and use of buildings making energy certificates detailed plans developing property valuations making report on age of the structure an expert appraisal of the project

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