Embassy of Indonesia

Embassy of Indonesia
The intervention of CAFElab for the Embassy of Indonesia in Rome involved the Consulate, the reception hall and all the external spaces. The historical building, has been carefully studied and measured in order to apply an intervention as much as possible respectful of seniority; freeing architectural partitions with paintings and superstructures in order to allow a clearer view of the giant order that marks the facade. The intervention in the Consulate, without changing the workflow of officials allowed to earn, in spaces rather narrow, a larger waiting room also provided with a small bathroom. For the reception room CAFElab was asked to design the furnishings. A large conference table and reception dominates the space all around, wood shelves allow the exhibition of traditional jewelry and silverware will be a showcase. All the furnitures will be built on design by Indonesian craftsmen.

Martedì, Maggio 14, 2013 - 08:30

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