LISEN HOUSE | Interior study

LISEN HOUSE | Interior study
LISEN HOUSE is an interior study for a three-generation contemporary villa in Brno, Czech Republic. The building has been under construction for few years now, coming to the completion this year. We have been comissioned to design the whole interior including custom-made furniture. The main materials used throughout the interior are wood and stone. Common areas, including some of the bathrooms, are cladded with beautiful grey marble, two of the bathrooms are cladded with travertine, private areas have hardwood floors. The interior as a whole has a contemporary feel to it, with a unique personal touch in each area. Generous layout allowed us to accomodate all of the requirements of the clients, so that everybody has his (or hers) own place to relax, work, play, study or spend time together as a family.

Domenica, Giugno 28, 2015 - 20:41

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