Love Ceramic Tiles Aroma and Blend

Love Ceramic Tiles Aroma and Blend

This render is created with ViSoft Software. The tiles used in the project are from the brand Love Ceramics. The decorative green tile is from the serie Aroma, the grey one from Blend. ViSoft has a big up-to-date database of over hundreds of tile and sanitary brands. 

ViSoft Photo Tuning is a practical rendering module that doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge, because the selection options are logically limited to what is necessary, and our automatic lighting correction always delivers the very best results. We have integrated the most innovative rendering engine on the market. VRay is also used for many Hollywood films. That’s why it won an Oscar in 2017.

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Martedì, Maggio 7, 2019 - 12:18

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