Luxurius small jewerly retail store.

Luxurius small jewerly retail store.
In an area of 18 square meters, covered with travertine marble and furnishings by varnish painted wood, the jeweler may present different sets of fine jewelry, such as necklaces rings and bracelets. Branded watches and unique precious accessories. The external display cases, consist of singularly stands, made with nappa leather and inox spiral brackets. The walls and the ceeling are covered with wallpaper in stucco paints and designs. Behind the showcases, there is a fume glass, so there is some isolation in the interior . There is a counter table made by inox and nappa leather, varius display cases constructed by inox and glass and a private storage room in the rear of the store .The lighting comes from led lights on the ceeling , especially for lighting jewelery.

Martedì, Dicembre 27, 2016 - 16:43

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