Loft in Noho

Loft in Noho
This 4,000 square foot classic loft space tries to maintain the openness, utilitarian and industrial language of its raw brick, wood, and steel elements exposed.  We created separations between rooms by placing free standing volumes instead of floor to ceiling partitions creating a landscape of intriguing geography, materials, heights, light and shadow.  The wood structural beams are seen disappearing above the freestanding volumes. All woodwork is mahogany fabricated in Argentina and delivered to NY as a kit-of-parts for easy assembly on site. The Master Bedroom again takes advantage of its entire area by giving the bathroom and shower their own volumetric identity. The shower itself is the interstitial space remaining between a seven-foot tall  stone partition and the perimetric brick wall. The Kitchen is cabinetry is made out of black steel and translucent plexiglass. The eco-friendly loft uses alcohol-fueled fireplaces, vented and non-vented.

Martedì, Maggio 14, 2013 - 22:18

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