Indoor pools, thermal baths and spas are structures where materials are highly susceptible to degradation due to the indoor climate.
These environments, characterised by high temperatures and humidity, and the use of chlorine and other chemical agents used for water maintenance and hygiene purposes, pose a constant challenge for construction materials. Continuous maintenance is required to prevent mould growth and premature decay of the structures.

Forza7 is the latest product from NovelloArch: a patented prefabricated wooden roofing system tailor-made for indoor sports facilities. With technical features making it ideal for such environments, especially those with high humidity levels, it stands out as the prefect solution for roofing sports buildings.

As its very name suggests, this prefabricated product offers seven advantages compared to other types of roofing:

1 It solves humidity problems

2 It is fire resistant

3 It solves indoor acoustic problems

4 It can be easily and quickly installed

5 The visible side does not require additional finishing, which results in savings 

6 It can be inspected

7 It is compatible with all insulation and waterproofing membranes already applied

Forza7 - Coverage Forza7 - Coverage

With the latest updates of the Technical Standards for Construction, in force since March 22nd, 2018 (NTC2018) elements placed in particularly humid environments, including indoor environments such as pools, ice rinks, purifiers and the like, will normally be assigned to service class 3. Forza7 is the only prefabricated roofing in service class 3 that also meets fire resistance and soundproofing requirements.

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Forza7- SPA
Forza7- SPA
Forza 7 - Panel
Forza 7 - Panel