About us ...

Good morning; let me introduce myself: my name is Marta Meda and starting today, it is with great honour, pleasure and commitment that I will be the Editor-in-Chief of Syncropedia, a digital hybrid and interactive in-formation space.

I want to thank Syncronia for the opportunity to actively participate in a new project that stems from a historic, constantly evolving digital platform dedicated to architects and the companies they are interested in.
Products, Projects, Materials, Brands but above all Protagonists, Ideas, Suggestions, Contents and Solutions updated in real time to "design always better" environments and solutions in and outdoors.

Syncropedia is a new project that aims to be, day after day, a collaborative space of information to be shared, with exciting and valuable content for designers and brands working on this platform.

We will be an "open" editorial office that welcomes and selects contributions from a vast network to provide overviews and insights into the scenarios of contemporary design from the centimetre of the designer, to the metre of the architect, to the kilometre of the landscape architect, considering them parts of a system that sees them as necessarily connected.

We will work mainly on Italian design creativity that speaks to the entire world, without neglecting international creativity that stimulates innovation and transversality.

We will talk in various ways and formats about everything that interests the community of designers and companies with a curious and international outlook, always thinking of the people who will "live" our projects.

We will observe the project area as a three-dimensional eco-system where many different "species" dialogue with our brains' emotional and rational parts, between immaterial messages and material sensations, between cultural meanings and technologies, between heritage and innovation.

We will compare design ideas for the public, private, and, above all, hybrid spaces where objects, materials, volumes, colours, sounds, scents and, why not, flavours revolve around people, creating atmospheres of wellbeing.

We follow temporary events of various physical and digital because they generate lasting effects and remain one of the main theatres for relationships between people and ideas from which concrete projects stem.

We will disseminate good practices resulting from cross-fertilisation between various disciplines and cultures best suited to modern complexity and collaborative empathy, an evolutionary activity of our species.

We will do all this together with those who follow us because we believe that the Syncronia network is an excellent supply chain for the project from the idea to its realisation, from the professional to the company, with everything in between.

I wish all of you, the Syncronia team, the new editorial team, which will always be operational, and to myself success in all of our endeavours. I would like to involve all of your and listen to all of you in a continuous and vital dialogue.

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