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Novellocase srl is an Italian company that builds prefabricated wooden houses and green building with over sixty years of history and experience in woodworking.
Novellocase builds all over Italy and Switzerland making custom-made wooden buildings. The company has its own plant for the production of prefabricated wooden walls for green building: the wooden walls are made in-house in the plant in Oggiona Santo Stefano (Varese), which, with its 17,000 square meters in green architecture is the largest industrial wooden building in Europe.

Prefabricated wooden houses - Construction technologies
There are two main technologies used by Novellocase for the walls of its wooden houses:

  • Framed walls: it consists in making a wooden frame, which is used as a base to build the desired stratigraphy. You will find in this site all the 3d cad models and BIM models of wooden frame walls, used by Novellocase.
  • Walls in x-lam: provides for the use of x-lam that is solid wood strips, glued to cross fibers. We do not propose in this site bim models of x-lam walls

Novello does not prefer one or the other wood construction technology: it simply uses each technology according to the best logic related to each single building. Novellocase sometimes combines the two technologies: for example, when projects of multi-storey buildings have to be developed, Novellocase realizes the first 2 or 3 floors in x-lam, exploiting its greater structural capacity of this product, and the upper floors with frame walls, exploiting their better economy as well as the lower weight on the floors below. Without detracting from efficiency, therefore, the best logic for building in wood.

The stratigraphies of the wooden walls of which we publish on this site both BIM models and 3D CAD models are designed to meet different structural and performance requirements of buildings: on the front of stratigraphies, Novellocase moves with a wide range of insulating materials, from those commonly used, up to the most exclusive and sophisticated, in rice straw and, from more recent technological developments, in rice husk.

Both systems of construction of prefabricated wooden houses are the ideal solution for those who are looking for a technologically advanced product at competitive costs, flexible from the design point of view and able to ensure safety, speed and certainty in terms of time and costs of construction. 


Novellocase stands out in the panorama of wooden house builders and is especially appreciated by designers because it produces custom-made wooden houses, built on the basis of projects that do not have to comply with the constraints imposed by catalog solutions.
Novellocase guarantees designers technical and design assistance and, according to the needs of the designer and the end user, can provide prefabricated wooden houses with a level of finish from rough, to advanced rough, up to "turnkey".

Novellocase has industrialized, first in Italy, the process of construction of prefabricated wooden panels with straw insulation, useful for the construction of rice houses.
The insulation guaranteed by the rice straw bales allows to reduce to a minimum the plant engineering for heating and cooling of the buildings, also ensuring considerable savings over time.
From the collaboration of architect Tiziana Monterisi, who has decades of experience in building with natural materials, comes the Risorsa brand with which Novellocase intends to promote the development of a circular economy at km0: rice straw, a by-product of agriculture, finds new use in wooden houses with maximum energy efficiency, ecological and zero impact.

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Casa in Legno a Montonate

Temporary Store Viaggiator Goloso - Milano Portello


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