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Forza7 is a patented prefabricated wooden panel for the construction of coverings in environments with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres.

The Forza7 prefabricated wooden panel is patented and consists of: a layer of acoustic slats made of mineralized wood fibers, laminated wood joists, and plywood.

Thanks to the panel's composition, it is possible to create coverings in service class 3 certified according to the NTC2018 standard. The Forza7 prefabricated panel is the only solution on the market that can simultaneously comply with technical standards for moisture resistance, acoustic requirements, and fire resistance (issues that often lead to conflicting technical solutions).

The Forza7 prefabricated wooden panel offers 7 advantages that make it superior and unique compared to all other solutions on the market:

  • Moisture resistance: Class 3 NTC2018 certified
  • Fire-resistant (REI30 or REI60)
  • Solves internal building acoustic problems
  • Simple and fast to install: it is possible to install over 300 square meters of covering in a single day
  • Inspectable
  • Compatible with all insulation and on-site covering packages
  • Cost-effective, already finished on the visible side

Moreover, the Forza7 panel is also a suitable solution for the construction of sports facilities due to its anti-rebound characteristics and resistance to impacts and ball hits.

Application Fields

Due to its technical characteristics, the Forza7 panel can be used for the construction of coverings in environments characterized by high humidity or the presence of aggressive atmospheres, proving economically advantageous compared to other ad hoc or non-prefabricated solutions. In particular, the Forza7 prefabricated panel can be used for coverings in:

  • Pools, ice rinks, covered water parks, sports facilities with high humidity
  • Thermal and spa facilities
  • Moist or aggressive atmosphere production environments in the food sector: wineries, cured meat factories, meat processing, dairies, distilleries...
  • Moist or aggressive atmosphere production environments in the industrial sector: textile, chemical, printing houses, purification plants, laboratories...
  • Catering: cafeterias, industrial kitchens, fast food, restaurants...
  • Food retail: supermarkets, markets, and warehouses for fish and fruits and vegetables...
  • Shipyards and boat storage.

Customization of the Forza7 Prefabricated Wooden Panel

The visible side of the Forza7 prefabricated wooden panel allows for the creation of coverings that integrate into any architectural and stylistic context. The acoustic slats in mineralized wood fibers come in their standard "ivory" color but can be customized in width, color, and laying pattern.

At the bottom of this page, in addition to 3D models, you can also download textures of the visible side's wood fiber mineralized colors to apply to the 3D model of the covering panel.

Files for Designing with the Forza7 Prefabricated Wooden Panel

On this page, you can find BIM models of the Forza7 prefabricated wooden panel to use in your architectural project for the construction of large building coverings. The 3D and BIM files for Forza7 are available in IFC format and are divided based on the thickness of the laminated wood joists. Within each file, you will find different widths and arrangements of acoustic slats, usable according to the technical and aesthetic needs of the project.

On this product page, you can also download the technical data sheet for the Forza7 prefabricated panel with specifications, a product presentation brochure, and textures of the visible side's color folder.

If you need to design coverings for environments with low humidity or non-aggressive atmospheres, we suggest looking at the page for the Forza6 prefabricated wooden panel.

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