Do you want to reach 300,000 prescribers in the world, in the company of the best Made in Italy brands?

Syncronia offers all the useful tools to architects and interior designers to carry out their project: we host only the best Italian Lifestyle brands and provide quality files,, created in collaboration with Autodesk, which guarantee optimal operation with all major design software. The careful selection of the proposal and the tools provided by Syncronia allows designers to carry out quality work, saving time: in this way, architects and interior designers who love the Italian lifestyle get used to working with us and with our partners brands.

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Our specific positioning makes Syncronia the main point of reference on the web for those interested in designing following the unmistakable Made in Italy style.
On this page we have collected the most frequent questions we are asked about BIM: the aim is to rattle off, in the simplest possible way, the main issues related to the world of BIM design, identifying why design in BIM and and parametric modeling are becoming increasingly important.

Our numbers

+300 thousand

Professional users

In the World


Professional visitors

A day

+1 mln

File downloaded

Each year

Unlike the other portals, Syncronia is a selected container of brands that promote themselves in a non-competitive environment: we are thus able to guarantee the best returns for companies.

Many visitors visitatori ÷ a few selected brands


best results per brand -> avarage/year of 2.000 leads professional with 11.000 download

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For the manufacturers

Personal area

Each manufacturer has its own personal area on Syncronia, conceived as a showcase, where designers can download the materials made available by the company and useful to design: BIM models and textures, technical data sheets, specifications, images, etc.c

Newsletter multibrand

To keep our network up to date on the news on Syncronia, we periodically send multibrand newsletters which summarize everything that has recently been added to the site: BIM models, CAD libraries, products and news relating to partner companies Syncronia. The newsletters are sent in 4 languages (Italian, English, German and Spanish) and contain calls to action to facilitate the download of companies' files on Syncronia.

The magazine

We distribute advertorial articles on our Magazine, published in Italian and English: our partners can provide us with articles on particularly interesting initiatives that involve them or in-depth articles related to their products. The new articles are also disseminated through inclusion in the monthly newsletter and sharing on our social pages.

Social network

The promotion of our partners also extends to social networks: we carry out on our Instagram and Facebook pages (about 80,000 followers) advertising campaigns aimed at a professional target a minimum guaranteed result of people reached. The posts advertised may concern news relating to companies, new products, new collections or more general information: the creative material, text and images, can be provided by our partner company or created directly by the Syncronia staff

Projects promotion

Finally, on the Syncronia website, there is an area dedicated to the publication of projects, where architects and interior designers can upload their own projects and specify the products of the brands our partners used in them.