Syncronia offers the opportunity to actively advertise its brand by addressing an international audience of about 300.000 architects and interior designers interested in designing the Italian Lifestyle.

Our team is available to develop communication plans tailored to the needs of our manufacturing partners, which could be the promotion of a fair, the launch of a new product, news about the company or simply to improve Brand Reputation, we provide you with various instruments to advertise your brand.

Among our advertising services
for your company you find:


We create posts advertised on our Instagram and Facebook pages (about 80,000 followers), aimed at a professional audience, with a minimum guaranteed result of people reached.


We publish advertorials in our magazine and share them through social media, putting them in advertising.


we can create and manage a customised and specific house-Organ for each brand in our Newsstand, periodically publishing articles that are also disseminated through our newsletters.

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