Your personalised space on Syncronia!

The sales points of products for construction, systems, building finishes and furniture can buy their own space inside Syncronia, where they can promote it with the large number of Architects who use Syncronia services on a daily basis as well as main search engines.

This dedicated space will contain all the information related to the sales point: from its geographical location to the images of the sales spaces, from the description of the services to the main brands with which it operates.

This information is optimised by the Syncronia staff who will optimise the parameters for a good positioning on the web, in order to gain visibility on the main search engines, in particular Google, on which the first page is usually achieved.

For example: a store that sells furniture and furnishings in a given city will be optimised to be quickly tracked by search engines for the ‘furniture sales’ and ‘furnishings’ in that given city.

In all cases, the vendor's space on Syncronia exceeds the reputation of the vendor's official website because of the website's great popularity that brings into play the same traffic, which maximises the visibility of the space dedicated to the sales point.

Do you want to see a space-type dedicated to a sale point?


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