Download 3d models and bim objects prefabricated Made in Italy

3D Models and BIM of Prefabricated Walls for Construction: Whether it's concrete construction models or prefabricated walls made of wood or eco-friendly materials, Syncronia offers free files of prefabricated components on this page, useful for architectural projects.
The prefabricated construction modules are created by qualified Italian companies, selected by Syncronia, which support architects' design activities by providing 3D prefabricated files optimized for widely used architectural design software, such as prefabricated DWG files for Autocad, prefabricated BIM files for Autodesk Revit, and models for Sketchup and 3dsmax available for free download.

If you are working on a prefabricated architectural project and need more information or technical support, you can directly contact the technical offices of the prefabricated manufacturing company using the contact form provided at the bottom of each product page. For assistance with using the 3D prefabricated models or if you encounter difficulties, you can also reach out directly to the specialized staff at Syncronia.
The prefabricated construction materials offered also come with technical data sheets and specification information. You can freely access 3D prefabricated models in .dwg, .3ds, .fbx, .sketchup formats, and BIM objects for construction in .rfa, .ifc formats, specifications, technical data sheets, company catalogs, and JPEG images.
All available files correspond to original material provided directly by the prefabricated manufacturer, enabling architects, surveyors, and engineers to create a comprehensive architectural project by finding all the necessary files in one place, saving time.
Only the best of Made in Italy for designers all around the world.

Concrete Houses

115 mq

CLASSIC 115: The size of this house retain the traditional balance of spaces between the living and sleeping areas thanks to the r
Wood houses


Modelli 3D e files 2D del pacchetto copertura in legno per progettare in bioarchitettura.
Straw houses

Wall with plaster finish

Dalla collaborazione di Novellocase e l’esperienza nelle costruzioni di paglia dell’architetto Tiziana Monterisi, nasc
Straw houses

Basic perimeter wall

Novellocase mette a disposizione dei progettisti i file BIM delle case di paglia per Revit, realizzati in collaborazione con Autod
Straw houses

Wooden ventilated facade wall

Novellocase, azienda italiana produttrice di case di legno in bioedilizia ha collaborato con Tiziana Monterisi, archit
Concrete Houses

100 mq

CLASSIC 100: The overhangs created on both sides of this house immediately reveal the projection toward
Rice houses

Rice masonry

Building system for perimeter mansory with rice husk block
Concrete Houses

105 mq

CLASSIC 105: The C105 model features two windows in which the upper part follows the slope of the roof.
Concrete Houses

120 mq

CLASSIC 120: The order of the openings, the harmonious arrangement of the elements of the roof, the warmth of the materials and th
Concrete Houses

135 mq

CLASSIC 135 : This traditional line is combined with sumptuous living spaces that have a large pavilion roof that confirms the sol
Concrete Houses

140 mq

CLASSIC 140: The division of the spaces on two floors aims to create an additional sense of privacy between the living and sleepin
Concrete Houses

160 mq

CLASSIC 160: From the first glance this house is available to warmly welcome and protect life by fully promoting the daily life of
Concrete Houses

50 mq

CLASSIC 50: The lines of this model strongly recall those of traditional Friulian houses.
Concrete Houses

60 mq

CLASSIC 60: The central body of this house evokes the solidity and safety of this housing line through the careful distribution of
Concrete Houses

75 mq

CLASSIC 75: The technological and design functionality of this house makes it feel safe and welcoming thanks to the warm colours o
Concrete Houses

80 mq

CLASSIC 80: The warmth of the wood, the entrance door, the tiles and the shutters makes this house the ideal and welcoming startin
Concrete Houses

90 mq

CLASSIC 90: This house has two bathrooms and thanks to the architectural overhang of the main facade it comes already provided wit